New Patients

What Happens at my First Visit?

Upon entering ChiroPlus for your initial visit, you will be greeted by a Chiropractic Assistant and soon after, by the doctor. Following completion of the initial intake paperwork, Dr. Ryan will give you a tour of the office to show you all the treatment options available to aid in addressing all your concerns.

Dr Ryan will perform a thorough health history and musculoskeletal exam with x-rays if needed. Most of the diagnosis of a patient is made using the motion and static palpation where the chiropractor touches the affected area and feels the state of the joints in order to achieve a conclusion. The adjoining muscles, tissues and ligaments are then looked at to identify spasms and injuries that need attention. He will educate you about your exam results, x-ray findings as you communicate your overall health, and lifestyle goals. And then he will create a personalized treatment plan that includes a combination of all-natural adjustments and therapies.

Most major insurances accepted. Benefit verification will be processed on first visit and you will be notified of your coverage prior to any decision making. ChiroPlus is the only office within a 50 mile radius that works directly with the VA to treat our veterans.

Your First Adjustment

Before getting adjusted, the doctor will explain everything that is going to occur and verify that you are as comfortable as possible. The doctor is trained in various techniques of adjusting styles to get the best results for each individual. If you prefer getting adjusted one method or position to another, please let the doctor know. Your comfort and happiness under care here at ChiroPlus Family Health & Wellness is our highest priority.