Our Technique

Dr. Ryan is trained in various adjusting techniques to provide the most effective treatment with the best results. Each of these are hands-on, all-natural, manual techniques in order more accurately assess the position of the misaligned segments and the proper force and line of drive to apply. This will get the most desired results in your care at ChiroPlus.

Back Pain

The primary condition the chiropractor treated. Chiropractic manipulation provides some immediate relief to those suffering from back pain, common ailments, posture problems, localized pain, and even complex conditions such as fibromyalgia, disc bulging, arthritis. To treat back problems, doctors usually first perform a physical exam to diagnose the condition and determine the best course of care for your specific condition.

Neck Pain

The most important and sensitive part of the body is the neck. It is made up of seven small vertebrae called cervical vertebrae. Repetitive microtraumas, abnormal postures, the aging process, accidents, and injuries can damage the cervical spine, causing unpleasant pain, tension, and immobility. A chiropractor aids in restoring neck and spine health and relieving discomfort.


Tension headaches are a normal form of headache. It is also called stress headaches. These cause dull pain on one or both sides around the temples and behind the eyes. Tension headaches can cause discomfort down to the jaw and top of the head. These tension headache and migraine symptoms are often attributed misaligned vertebrae that lead to overly tense neck and back muscles, which can lead to lockups or spasms. Being in a stressful position can lead to tension headaches.


Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that most often is diagnosed in adolescents and becoming more evident in adults with the repetitive microtraumas applied to the spine. Any altered posture or position of the spine for an extended period can add physical stress that may alter the posture of the spine, producing a scoliosis. While scoliosis can occur in people with conditions such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy, the cause of most childhood scoliosis is unknown.

Most cases of scoliosis are mild, but some curves worsen as children grow or abnormal stressors continue of the adult spine. Chiropractic care can aid in the correction of the curves associated with most forms of scoliosis by increasing the mobility of the curved segments while correcting the misalignments above and below the curvatures.


Almost 33% of car accident injury victims seek a Chiropractor to treat them. Chiropractic care can safely eliminate pain, inflammation, and tension drug free. The majority of car accidents involve soft tissue injuries of the spine and neck. If you have back or neck pain after being involved in a car accident this could mean you have a spinal or whiplash injury. Whiplash occurs from the abrupt movement of the cervical spine backward and forward. As the result of the auto accident the musculoskeletal system is knocked out of alignment due to the force of the accident. This will cause pain, soreness, and stiffness.

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